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FCCLA Students Advocate Locally Against Texting While Driving

Despite the no texting while driving laws, police who try to enforce the law, and the numerous distracted driving injuries and fatalities each year, many students between the ages of 15 and 19 in our area, continue to text while driving.

This is a national issue, but as members of FCCLA, Lena Taylor and Chloe Meshell have chosen to advocate locally in order to have a direct impact upon the student body of Groveton HS.


They are encouraging all students and community members to put their phones down while driving and just focus on the road. Their lives, and the lives of the people who share the roads, are not worth a 5 second text that could destroy a life filled with possibilities. The text can wait.


Lena and Chloe have put up flyers at school and local businesses, talked to students at lunch and class, and have gotten over 300 signatures to commit to no texting and driving.