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Welcome to Groveton ISD's Counselor's Corner. Our goal is to provide students with career, educational and personal counseling. Below please find information about applying to colleges or trade schools as well as information about applying for financial aid and scholarships.  You will also find information about PSAT, SAT, ACT and ASVAB tests.




 The PSAT will be given on Wednesday, October 10th at the high school at 8:00 A.M. All juniors who are interested in going to college are encouraged to take this test. Any interested freshmen and sophomores may also take the test. The fee is $16.00, but juniors may be fee-exempt if they are on the free or reduced lunch program. Please see Mrs. Kennedy to sign up for the test by October 8th.  Study guides are in the library and the counselor’s office.




All college-bound seniors need to take the SAT Plus WritingTest and/or the ACT Plus Writing Test this fall. You are encouraged to apply online for the SAT at and for the ACT at Some colleges may not require the writing portion of the SAT or ACT test. Check or to see if the colleges you are considering require or recommend the ACT and SAT writing test. (SHSU and TAMU do not require it. SFA does.) If you are not able to register online, get a registration packet from the counselor’s office. Cost for the SAT is $47.50/$64.50 with essay, and cost for the ACT is $50.50/$67.00 with essay. The Groveton High School code for both the SAT and ACT is 443-020. A limited number of fee exemptions are also available for the ACT and SAT for those students who are on the free or reduced lunch program. See Mrs. Kennedy soon for a fee waiver and study guides.         

If you are taking the SAT, you may study the free practice tests at or Go to the student page and look for SAT preparation. If you took the PSAT last year, you were given an access code on your score report form. You may access your own personal SAT study guide and college and career planner on If you need your access code, see Mrs. Kennedy.




Test Date                    Regular Registration Deadline         Late Online/Phone Registration

October 6                    September 7                                        September 26

November 3                October 5                                            October 24

December 1                 November 2                                        November 20

March 9                       February 8                                           February 27

May 4                             April 5                                                  April 24

June 1                            May 3                                                  May 22           



You may access free study materials for the ACT at



Test Date                    Regular Registration Deadline         Late Registration

October 27                  September 28                                      October 14

December 8                 November 2                                        November 19

February 9                   January 11                                          January 18

April 13                         March 8                                              March 25

June 8                          May 3                                                  May 20

July 13                         June 14                                               June 24






Seniors, it is time to start applying to college. Most public colleges in the state of Texas require prospective students to complete the Apply Texas Application. It is highly recommended that you complete this application online at and that you write all essays if essays are required. Do not procrastinate. This is a rather lengthy application and will take several hours to complete. You should also complete the scholarship section of the application in order to be considered for scholarships offered by various colleges. Notice that the deadlines for college scholarship applications are often much earlier than the deadlines for admission. Do not confuse the Apply Texas application with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) that you will complete beginning in October. You need to fill out both the Apply Texas admission/scholarship application and the FAFSA.


If you are applying to Angelina College or another junior college, you do not have to take the SAT or ACT to be accepted. In order to be considered for Angelina College scholarships and FFA scholarships, however, you will need to take the SAT or ACT. Some junior colleges do not use the Apply Texas Application. Look on the junior college’s website for an application for that college.


           Once you have completed your college application, ask your counselor to send transcripts to the colleges to which you have applied. Go the college’s website to check your application status and quickly provide any further documentation that the college is requesting. Colleges will not consider you for their scholarships until you have been admitted. It is your responsibility to check the status of your both your admissions and scholarship applications and to meet all deadlines.





We will have a financial aid and college application workshop on Monday, September 17th at 7:00 P.M. in the Groveton High School auditorium. We will provide general information about the college admissions/financial aid process for all Texas colleges. All seniors and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend. Younger students and their parents are also invited.







You will be able to take the ASVAB test on Wednesday, October 3rd at the high school. The test is free and will be given during the school day starting at the beginning of 2nd period. You will want to take the ASVAB if you are interested in joining the military or if you are interested in assessing your abilities and interests. See Mrs. Kennedy to register.



If you are interested in applying for an athletic scholarship, you need to fill out an NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse form. The fee for registering with the NCAA is $50, but you may be fee-exempt if you receive reduced or free lunches. If you are taking the SAT or ACT and want to apply for athletic scholarships, you will need to request that your scores be sent to the NCAA Clearing House. Their code is 9999, and you will need to enter this code when registering for the SAT or ACT.






Don’t forget to use the college and career information at Your username is mmddyyfirstnamelastname (do not exceed 20 characters), and your password is firstnamelastname. You can use your Kuder account to help select a college, compare colleges, choose a major or career and find financial aid. You may also develop your resume and apply for jobs through this site. GISD has given each of our high school students access to a Kuder account free of charge. Your account is available to you for the rest of your life and may be extremely helpful when you graduate from college and are applying for jobs.