Welcome to Groveton Athletics,

My name is Mike Waldie, and I am the new Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for Groveton ISD. My family and I are fired up to be Indians!  The Academic success, the rich tradition, the small-town values, and the people are the reasons we chose to make Groveton our new Home!

The majority of a young person's education is learning facts and figures. Although these are important for success, attitude is a far more necessary ingredient. If it is our responsibility to teach young people to be successful in life, then athletics must be emphasized. Athletics is a constant lesson on the attitudes for success. Athletics can open minds to the values of hard work, discipline, fair play, humbleness, and cooperation - closing minds to the idea of "win at any cost" selfishness. In a society of instability, athletics offer young people a stable, consistent environment in which to learn; a disciplined environment of loyalty and love; an environment where each individual - independent of race, social, or economic standing - is tested on their ability to achieve and compete in a positive group effort toward excellence. In doing this we reinforce the educational system and give each student the opportunity for success not only in school, but also in life.

We will have high expectations of our student-athletes, we will push them with extreme hard work, we will hold them accountable on a daily basis, and we will love them like our own!  I believe in two major areas in life and in Athletics, these will be repeated daily: “Earn it” and “Hard work makes dreams come true”.  These themes will be entrenched in our daily lives as Groveton Indians and we will work every day to make our families, our community, and our school district proud.  I am honored to work with your children, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by.  It is a great day to be an Indian, GO BIG RED!

Mike Waldie

Athletic Director/Head Football


Twitter: @MichaelWaldie1


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